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Food Safety Department

The main function of the Department is to work out the directions of development for the fields of food safety, animal health and protection and farm animals breeding; elaborate the relevant development plans and state measures, and organise their implementation with the purpose of providing safe and proper food and human environment.

Head of DepartmentMartin Minjajev+372 625 6142 martin dot minjajev at agri dot ee
Deputy Head of DepartmentPille Tammemägi+372 625 6154pille dot tammemagi at agri dot ee
AdviserAllan Aleksašin+372 625 6277allan dot aleksasin at agri dot ee
AdviserPiret Priisalu+372 625 6210piret dot priisalu at agri dot ee
AdviserKairi Ringo+372 625 6212kairi dot ringo at agri dot ee
General Food Law Bureau
Head of BureauHaidi Kanamäe+372 625 6547haidi dot kanamae at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistKülli Johanson+372 625 6508kylli dot johanson at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistKatrin Lõhmus+372 625 6509katrin dot lohmus at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistSiret Surva+372 625 6231siret dot surva at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistKülli Suurvarik+372 625 6570kylli dot suurvarik at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistAnneli Tuvike+372 625 6213anneli dot tuvike at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistSiret Dreyersdorff+372 625 6258siret dot dreyersdorff at agri dot ee
Food Surveillance Bureau
Head of BureauMaia Radin+372 625 6529maia dot radin at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistEve Paju+372 625 6234eve dot paju at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistSille Vahter+372 625 6211sille dot vahter at agri dot ee 
Chief SpecialistPosition vacant  
Food Hygiene Bureau
Head of BureauIngrid Vesmes+372 625 6272ingrid dot vesmes at agri dot ee 
Chief SpecialistElsa Peipman+372 625 6246elsa dot peipman at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistPiret Aasmäe+372 625 6110piret dot aasmae at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistKaili Sillamaa+372 625 6271kaili dot sillamaa at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistService relationship suspended  
Animal Health Bureau
Head of BureauEnno Piisang+372 625 6214enno dot piisang at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistEda Ernes+372 625 6126eda dot ernes at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistKairi Hüüdma+372 625 6569kairi dot hyydma at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistÜlle Pau+372 625 6256ylle dot pau at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistEva Peegel+372 625 6546eva dot peegel at agri dot ee
Animal Welfare and Zootechnics Bureau
Head of BureauSirje Jalakas+372 625 6578sirje dot jalakas at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistMoonika Kaeramaa+372 625 6571moonika dot kaeramaa at agri dot ee
Chief SpecialistPosition vacant  


last update: 21.03.2014