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Development plan

In order to create a common understanding of the objectives of the activities of the Ministry and its area of government as well as the instruments necessary for achieving these objectives, the Ministry of Rural Affairs prepares development plans.

The development plan includes the common strategic objectives of the Ministry and the state authorities belonging to its area of government and resources that are needed to fulfil those objectives and this serves as a basis for the preparation of the national budget strategy, annual action plans and the development plans of the state authorities under its area of government.

Currently, the activities of the Ministry are guided by the visions, which are determined in the development planned for 2015–2018.

Vision 2018

Area of government: Estonia has a viable rural area with competitive agricultural and fisheries economy, which ensures food safety and consumer satisfaction.

Ministry: We are a nationally and internationally recognised administration, who is able to achieve the set strategic goals in cooperation with our partners.

Subvisions of the areas

  • Food safety, plant and animal health
    Healthy person, healthy and protected animal, safer environment
  • Rural life, agriculture and food industry
    Sustainable rural population with high quality of life
  • Fishery
    Sustainable fisher society with high quality of life


We work to ensure competitive agricultural and fisheries sector and contribute to the development of neighbouring regions.


  • Aspirational goals
  • Goal commitment
  • Cooperation
  • Openness
  • Expertise

Areas of activity:

  • Food safety, plant health and animal welfare and health
  • Rural life, agriculture and food industry
  • Fishery
  • Development of the organisation of the area of government

Sectoral development plans

Documents perpared for the development of the Ministry's fields of activity


Last updated: 4 September 2015