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Overview and structure

The area of government of the Ministry of Rural Affairs covers the planning and implementation of rural policy, agricultural policy, fishing industry of the fisheries policy and the trade policy of agricultural products, the organisation of ensuring food safety and compliance, the coordination of the activities related to animal health and protection and plant health and protection, the organisation of agricultural research and development and agricultural education and the preparation of corresponding draft legislation.

The tasks and objectives of the Ministry of Rural Affairs arise from the Statutes of the Ministry.

The Ministry of Rural Affairsis accountable to the Government of the Republic. The Ministry is headed by the Minister of Rural Affairs, who is appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister.


Structure of the Ministry of Rural AffairsOrganizational structure of the Ministry of Rural Affairs (as of 1 September 2021)

Activities of the Ministry of Rural Affairs

  • deals with rural, agricultural and fisheries policy design and implementation
  • coordinates the activities related to animal and plant protection
  • prepares national programmes of agricultural applied sciences and manages their implementation and impact assessment; also participates in designing the national vocational and higher education policy
  • organises agricultural research and development activities as well as agricultural education
  • coordinates the Estonian Rural Policy and carries out the European Union (EU) Common Agricultural Policy and the Estonian Rural Development Plan
  • develops farmers’ market orientation and works to ensure the sustainability of agricultural production
  • designs and implements the Estonian Fisheries Policy, designed to develop the fishing industry and increasing its competitiveness
  • designs the field of Estonian feed safety, animal health and farm animal breeding
  • organises the ensuring of
    food safety and compliance.



Last updated: 26 January 2022