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Baltic ministers of agriculture try to increase the export of food products

1. July 2009 - 0:00



Today and tomorrow, the ministers of agriculture of the Baltic States are trying in Saaremaa to find ways to commonly increase the export of food products to third countries. Also, the countries´ positions on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy after 2013 are introduced and discussed. 


According to the Minister of Agriculture of Estonia, Helir-Valdor Seeder, export of Estonian food products to mostly Eastern countries has rapidly increased over the last years and that is why great attention has to be paid to it. "The weight of foodstuffs forms one tenth from the Estonian total export and today we have good opportunities to increase this ratio," said Seeder. "Taken the fact into consideration that, for example, milk production exceeds the demands of the domestic market, this direction needs to be developed." Within the last five years, the export of Estonian agricultural products to the European Union has grown 1.9 times, at the same time; export to Russia has grown 5.4 times.

The second important topic discussed at the meeting at Ekesparre hotel is the reform of the European Fisheries Policy after 2013. According to Seeder, all the three countries have a clear vision on the reform and many of the opinions are overlapping. For example, the countries are against the new distribution system of fishing quotas, which would create huge fishing companies in Europe and would definitely be harmful to Estonian coastal fishermen. Estonia supports fishing quotas, which are clearly targeted to increase the resources of the Baltic Sea.

In addition to the trilateral meeting, the ministers will also visit Koguva village and go sailing on a yacht.

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