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The first agricultural cooperation project between Estonia and Turkey was commenced in Ankara

14. January 2011 - 0:00



The transnational cooperation project is aimed at the implementation of agri-environment measures in order to facilitate the development of sustainable agricultural activities. In addition to Estonia, also Holland and Spain offer Turkey their experience and best practices in the named field.


According to the head of the Estonian delegation now in Turkey, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture of Estonia Ants Noot, it is important to help the candidate countries of the European Union any way possible in their preparation for accession.

”In the world today, economic success often depends on the capability of the region to develop networks with other regions. Cooperation and exchange of information between regions can be a basis for the stimulation of dynamic and future forward economic relations. European Union plays an important role in the creation and support of such partnerships,” said Ants Noot at the inaugural meeting of the project.

Agricultural cooperation has been carried out for some time already between Estonia and Turkey and in 2009, an economic and research cooperation agreement was signed between the ministries of agriculture of both countries. The countries have so far engaged in cooperation in the field of animal breeding. In 2010, Estonia started selling pure-bred beef animals to Turkey.