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Ministers of Agriculture expect a bigger support for the dairy sector from Europe

23. March 2009 - 0:00



Estonia together with other Member States expects the European Commission to take additional steps for the support of the dairy sector, because precisely that sector is endangered the most by the worsened economic situation.


At the European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council, which took place today, 23 March, in Brussels, the situation of dairy sector was the most discussed topic. According to the Minister of Agriculture Helir-Valdor Seeder, the Commission has already started with some measures to support the milk sector. "The Commission is expected to act somewhat more operative and, if necessary, enforce supplementary market organization measures," said Seeder. "It is to be expected that the Commission might establish some additional measures within the nearest months, but today we are not sure, what those might be."

The purchasing prices of raw milk have dropped fast all over Europe and also the industry is suffering from hardships. The reason for this is the fast price decline of export goods and the collapse of the market, which has caused the decrease of raw milk by the industry.

Even though part of the Member States would rather see the whole agricultural organization to be reviewed to solve the situation, the proposal did not find wider support. In addition to the situation of the dairy sectors, the ministers are discussing the general role of agriculture in the changed economic environment. According to Seeder, it is clear by today that the role of Europe has to be broader than just organizing and regulating agriculture. "The keywords have to be also trade and the whole production chain," said the minister. "These have to be worked with more in a regulative way, because this will give more results."

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