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Mobile incinerator sent from Estonia to Moldova

24. January 2018 - 11:50
Mobile incinerator Hurikan 1000e.
Mobile incinerator Hurikan 1000e. Photo: Vireen Ltd.

Moldova is beginning to develop its animal by-product processing capacity. As Moldova currently does not have a good alternative to the disposal of diseased animal material other than its burial, the mobile incinerator will be the first big step towards the implementation of more environmentally friendly methods for disposing of such material.

“This is also a meaningful step in developing the Eastern Partnership and an idea, which the European Commission has supported,” Minister of Rural Affairs of Estonia, Tarmo Tamm, said. “Moldova is a valuable collaboration partner for us and both parties are interested in a continued cooperation both in the project for handling animal by-products and veterinary medicine in general.”

It is important to ensure the continued targeted use of the mobile incinerator. Vireen Ltd has optimised its working process considerably and has also started to use a new quarantine warehouse with a freezing capacity for the storage of animal by-products, which have helped reduce the targeted use of the incinerator.

“Estonia supports Moldova’s idea for developing an animal by-product processing plant. Since Vireen Ltd has considerably increased its capacity in the disposal of animal disease sources, the Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia has organised the transfer of the mobile incinerator to Moldova,” Deputy Secretary General for Food Safety, Research and Development of the Ministry of Rural Affairs of Estonia, Toomas Kevvai, added.

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