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Seeder: We expect Ukraine to lower customs duties for fish

3. June 2011 - 0:00



The Minister of Agriculture of Ukraine Nikolay Pryasyazhnuk promised at today’s meeting with the Estonian Minister of Agriculture Helir-Valdor Seeder to actively deal with the problems connected to custom duties, which hinders the export of Estonian fish to Ukraine.


Last year, Ukraine suddenly enforced high customs duties for Estonian fish and the fish of other European Union countries, which has considerably hindered Estonian export to Ukraine.

"Very high tax percentage is not the problem, but the fact that Ukraine has enforced too high minimum prices for sprat and Baltic herring, which are the basis for calculating customs duties," explained Seeder. "Fish export to Ukraine accounts for a significant amount of Estonian total export in that direction, which is why these barriers to trade are very negative for Estonia."

From fish products, Estonia has been mostly exporting Baltic herring and sprat to Ukraine and in this field, Ukraine has been one of the biggest export markets for Estonia. Frozen fish is exported to Ukraine, which is reprocessed there.

In addition to problems connected to fish export, the ministers also discussed cooperation between the two countries. "Ukraine is interested in our experience in the field of developing fisheries and carrying out structural reforms," said Seeder.

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