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September is dedicated to Estonian food

25. August 2016 - 13:57
Estonian Food Month logo
More than 30 festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade fairs and concerts will take place all over Estonia as part of Estonian Food Month.

Estonian Food Month, celebrated in September, will feature more than 30 events and festivals dedicated to Estonian food. Last year, almost 65,000 people attended events that took place as part of Estonian Food Month.

“Estonian Food Month will open the doors to our food culture in all its variability during harvest time and includes over 30 festivals and food events,” said Kadi Raudsepp, the project manager of Estonian Food Month. “Local food matters to the Estonian people, because the foodstuffs we grow and produce are of high quality and match our preferences. That is why the leading concept of the food month is: ‘I love Estonian food’.”

Estonian Food Month lasts from 3 September until the middle of September and will be officially opened on 4 September in Koguva, on the island of Muhu. More than 30 festivals, fairs, exhibitions, trade fairs and concerts will take place all over Estonia as part of Estonian Food Month. Kadi Raudsepp commented: “The food programme for Estonian Food Month will reveal our local food culture, starting with how we use products gathered from the forest and how we make preserves and finishing with special offers in rural restaurants.”

“Hiiumaa Food and Art Week, festivals dedicated to preserves and mushrooms and the high-end SAUCE 2016 business forum for top Nordic food professionals will all be happening over the course of the month,” Kadi Raudsepp said, adding that tens of restaurants in the rural areas of Estonia that belong to the Estonian Culinary Route network will also be directing their focus on local raw products.

Estonian Food Month was first celebrated in September 2015. Altogether Food Month featured more than 30 festivals and was attended by more than 65,000 people. Additionally, over 100 top restaurants and eating places participated in Estonian Food Month, focusing on Estonian-grown raw products.

Food Month is part of the sales development plan “Estonian Food 2015-2020”. Previously, the Ministry of Rural Affairs along with cooperation partners has organised the Estonian Food Court for the 2014 song and dance festival “Touched by Time. The Time to Touch”, Estonian Food Month in 2015 and the nationwide Open Farm Day in 2015 and 2016.

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