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September is Estonian Food Month

21. August 2017 - 14:21
Logo of the development plan "Estonian food 2015–2020"
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In September, the Estonian Food Month will be held for the third time and will comprise of over 30 events and festivals dedicated to Estonian cuisine.

“In September, the Estonian fields have the highest yield and the forests are full of bounty. The freshness and diversity of the produce means we can show the full richness of our cuisine during the Estonian Food Month,” Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm said. “This will help give a worthy meaning to the main motto of the Estonian Food Month, which is “I love Estonian food”.”

“The Estonian Food Month programme will reveal the local food culture, starting with how we use products gathered from the forest and how we make preserves and finishing with special offers in rural restaurants,” Minister Tamm added. “Having local food is becoming more and more important for the Estonian people. People are more increasingly seeing the value of the high-quality and delicious foodstuffs grown and produced in Estonia. On the other hand, the Estonian food sector, together with farmers, food industries, chefs, and catering companies still have to become more active and find ways of increasing the use of Estonian cuisine and offering it in a more interesting way,” Tamm said.

The Estonian Food Month will last from 2 September until the beginning of October. The month will officially be opened on 3 September at the Vääna Manor School in Harju County. As the current year is dedicated to children’s and youth culture, this year’s Estonian Food Month is also dedicated to children and the youth with the aim of involving young people in food events, in making Estonian food and taking part in discussions on Estonian food.

The Estonian Food Month was first celebrated in September 2015. Last year, around 75 000 people took part in events dedicated to the Estonian Food Month. The year before that it was 65 000 people. Several dozen rural restaurants that are a part of the Estonian Culinary Route network will put special emphasis on local ingredients in their menus. The Estonian Food Month is a part of the development plan “Estonian food 2015–2020” that involves the Estonian Food Month, the Estonian Culinary Route, choosing of the Culinary Region of the Year, and the Open Food Industry Week.

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