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Study visit of Romanian rural development experts

9. March 2009 - 0:00



A delegation of rural development experts were on a study visit to Estonia from March 2 - 7. The aim of the study visit was to learn about the implementation of EU legislation of an "older" Member State, get familiar with rural development, the Leader programme and the system of paying support in Estonia. According to the Romanian delegation, they had a lot to learn from Estonia, since we have reached somewhat further with our development in the field of rural development and Leader. Currently, the local action groups (LAGs) in Estonia are starting to implement their strategies, in Romania, however, the process of choosing national LAGs is still underway.


During the study visit the delegation visited three LAGs: Järva Development Partners, Jõgevamaa Cooperation Chamber and Tartu Development Association, meetings were also held at the Rural Economy Research Centre, Agricultural Registers and Information Board and the Ministry of Agriculture. The delegation also visited several farms and enterprises, such as Siimusti orphanage, Härjanurme fish farm, Kaaruka community house, which are all examples of rural entrepreneurism and part of the Leader programme. The Romanians also commented that it was a pleasant surprise to see how important Leader movement is for Estonia and that they are certainly trying to move towards the same direction in Romania.

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