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A small boy sitting under a huge rhubarb stem
20.03.2015|Ministry of Rural Affairs

The first national Open Farm Day is to take place in Estonia this summer

On July 19th, 2015 the first national Open Farm Day is to take place, where more than 100 farms and agricultural producers across Estonia are open to receive visitors. Farms interested in participating can sign up until the end of May. “One has to drive to the countryside for proper food and that...
Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar
23.10.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Minister Ivari Padar met with the new ambassador of Poland

On 22 October, Minister Ivari Padar was paid a visit by the new Ambassador of Poland, H. E. Mr Robert Filipczak. The items of common interest were discussed: how to promote our region and products and to develop cooperation with partners in the region and in the Eastern countries – Agroforum Mare...
Minister Ivari Padar
08.09.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

EU ministers of agriculture emphasized the need to take assistance measures

At the meeting of the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council held on September 5th in Brussels, ministers discussed the effects of the sanctions of Russia on the EU food sector. The ministers said that the situation was caused from outside the sector of agriculture and the food sector needed the EU...
Põllumajandusminister Ivari Padar surub kätt Euroopa Parlamendi presidendi Martin Schulziga
08.09.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Padar: European Union stands together for our food producers

On the morning of 4 September in Brussels Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar met President of the European Parliament  Martin Schulz to discuss the possibilities of the EU to help the food sector affected by the sanctions of Russia. The unity of the European Union was seen as the most...
Meeting with Estonian food sector
13.08.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Padar: situation may become critical

At the extraordinary meeting with the food sector representatives held on 12 August 2014, Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar and Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship Anne Sulling discussed the current situation of Estonian agricultural producers and food industry as well as the...
Teravili põllul
04.08.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Estonia submitted proposals on application of direct payments to the European Commission

On Friday, national choices on application of direct payments paid under the EU Common Agricultural Policy were submitted to the European Commission by Estonia. The supports are targeted at active farmers and agricultural sectors which undergo certain difficulties, a separate support will be...
Baltic ministers of agriculture
31.07.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Ministers of Agriculture and Heads of Veterinary Boards of the Baltic States discussed urgent measures to prevent the spread of African swine fever

In Vilnius today, Minister of Agriculture Ivari Padar had an extraordinary meeting with Ministers of Agriculture of Latvia and Lithuania, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland and with Heads of Veterinary Boards to find solutions for the prevention of the...
Director General of the Veterinary and Food Board Ago Pärtel
11.06.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Estonian delegation met the representatives of Chinese food inspection

Today, Estonian delegation met Bi Kexin, Deputy Head of Chinese Food Safety Agency to discuss the export of Estonian agricultural products to the People’s Republic of China. „Export of Estonian  food products to China is becoming a serious subject,“ Director General of the Veterinary and Food...
Photo: Timo Anis
06.06.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Report: more than 7000 projects have been selected for the promotion of local life

Under the LEADER-measure, local action groups have selected more than 7000 projects to be financed and most of those projects have been carried out by non-governmental organisations as becomes evident from the Estonian Rural Development Plan 2007–2013 monitoring report.   By now, the...
Seto Talumuuseum
05.06.2014|Ministry of Rural Affairs

Report: diversification of rural enterprise helped create 860 new jobs

From the RDP 2007–2013 monitoring report it becomes evident that with the help of the measures directed at the diversification of rural enterprise and the improvement of life quality about 860 new jobs will be created in rural areas.    „Diversification of economic activities in rural...