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Agriculture and food market

Estonia wants to develop agricultural markets and trade policies and to increase the competitiveness of the agricultural processing industry. The aim is to increase the market orientation of the industry and to ensure the sustainability of agricultural production.

In order to meet the objectives, the Ministry of Rural Affairs develops national measures and development plans and coordinates their implementation.

Furthermore, the Ministry participates in the development of agriculture-related competition and state aid policy.

The Ministry’s tasks also include the monitoring and analysis of the impact of national measures, planning and coordinating the cooperation projects of the field, agri-processing and trade data and market data collection and processing.

At the international level, the Ministry of Rural Affairs is engaged in the implementation of the European Union food quality label system and the coordination of issuing Estonia’s geographical indication certifications, the management of the implementation of marketing and supporting measures for livestock, poultry and crop products, international cooperation and several other activities.

Teraleivad müügiletil. Allikas: Põllumajandusministeerium; autor: Tiit Koha


Strategic documents


  • Estonian Dairy Strategy for 2012–2020

    The aim of the strategy is to increase the volume of dairy production and processing and ensure the developmental capabilities of the Estonian dairy sector.

  • Development Plan “Estonian Food” for 2015–2020

    The objective of the Development Plan is to develop the sustainability of the Estonian food sector, make the Estonian food sector’s image more positive and contribute to the development of good cooperation between the parties of the food sector.



The activities of the Ministry and its area of government in designing and implementing agricultural and food market policy and achieving goals are coordinated by the Agricultural Market Organisation Department and the Trade and Agri-Food Department.

Authorities and agencies


Last updated: 4 September 2015