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Grants and state aid

A wide range of support schemes are applied in Estonia to support and promote the development of agriculture, fisheries and rural life – direct supports and market management, state aid for agriculture and fisheries, rural development grants, fisheries development grants and national grants.

The provision of state aid and the European Union grants targeted at agriculture, market organisation, fisheries and rural development is organised by the Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB).



  • Rural development aid

    Grants designed to promote rural development are funded under the framework of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). To implement the grants, the Estonian rural development measures are used.

    Estonian rural development plan for 2014–2020 »

  • Fisheries aid

    The grants for the development of the fisheries sector are funded under the framework of the European Common Fisheries Policy (ECFP) and are paid out from the measures of the fisheries funds created for this purpose.

    European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) 2014–2020 »

  • Direct support and market organisation measures

    Supports implemented through market organisation measures are paid with an aim to achieve a level close to the administratively determined prices and to help stabilise market prices. Direct support is designed to provide public benefits resulting from agricultural activities.

  • National support

    National support is financed from the state budget of Estonia. The Ministry of Rural Affairs mediates, for example, farm animal breeding support, market development support, traineeship support and agricultural holding replacement support.

  • State aid

    State aid is provided by a Member State of the European Union or from state resources and it favours certain undertakings or the production of certain goods. Although state aid is fundamentally incompatible with the common market, it is still subject to certain exceptions.

  • De minimis aid

    De minimis aid is sufficiently small in volume to not distort intra-EU competition. State aid and de minimis aid are separate concepts.


Last updated: 4 September 2015