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Organic farming

Organic farming or ecological agriculture is such an agricultural production method, which places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and ecological balance. This includes cropping and livestock farming, beekeeping and aquaculture. Organic products can be used both for food and feed.

Strict rules apply to organic agriculture in terms of plant production and livestock farming, processing, catering and marketing. For example, it is forbidden to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and products made of or by means of these organisms. Organic raw materials are used in processing and the food is stored as natural as possible. Only a limited number of predominantly natural additives and processing aids are allowed to be used in organic processing.

The Ministry of Rural Affairs manages the development of Estonian organic agriculture at the national level. To this end, the Ministry prepares development plans and carries them out, develops legislation and national measures in the field and organises their implementation.

The Ministry also cooperates with other countries and participates in the activities of the international organisations in the field.

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The activities of the Ministry and its area of government in directing the development of the field are coordinated by the Organic Agriculture Bureau of the Plant Health Department.



Only goods produced under state supervision and according to the requirements may be marketed with labels referring to organic production.

All enterprises engaged in organic farming are regularly inspected at least once a year.

  • Organic farming registry

    All organic companies have been entered in the Register of Organic Farming, which is available on the website of the Agricultural Board. The undertaking is required to pay a state fee for the registration, recognition and the surveillance activities of the undertaking.

    Website of the Registry »

  • Supervisory authorities

    Cropping and livestock farming are controlled by the Agricultural Board. Processing, marketing and catering are controlled by the Veterinary and Food Board.

    Website of the Agricultural Board »

    Website of the Veterinary and Food Board »


Last updated: 4 September 2015