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Governing area

The Ministry’s area of government includes two governmental authorities, three administered state authorities and four other legal persons – two public enterprises and two public foundations. The power of the authorities in carrying out tasks under the Ministry’s area of government have been established in their statutes.


Governmental authorities

  • Agricultural Registers and Information Board (ARIB)

    The Agricultural Registers and Information Board organises the award of national grants and the European Union agricultural and rural life development grants, the Fisheries Fund grants and market management grants. Additionally, the ARIB keeps national agricultural registries and other databases and processes and analyses the collected data.

    Website of the ARIB

  • Agriculture and Food Board (AFB)

    The Atriculture and Food Board conducts state supervision and applies enforcement by the state in the areas of land improvement, crop protection, plant health, plant variety protection, seed and plant propagating material, organic farming, genetically modified crop management, fertilisers and gardening products. The Board also conducts state supervision and applies enforcement by the state in the areas of veterinary practices, feed hygiene, food safety, farm animal breeding, market management and organic agriculture.

    Website of the Agricultue and Food Board



Administered state authorities

  • Veterinary and Food Laboratory (VFL)

    The Veterinary and Food Laboratory carries out laboratory research to diagnose animal diseases and tests to control the safety and quality of food, water, feed and alcohol and performs the duties of the national reference laboratory and the authorised laboratory.

    Website of the Veterinary and Food Laboratory

  • Agricultural Research Centre

    The Centre performs national registration and economic testing of varieties, follow-up testing of seed lots, carries out laboratory analyses of seeds, determines plant protection product residues and contaminants levels in plant and animal products and in the soil, analyses the test samples taken from the plant protection products, fertilisers, feed and food.

    Website of the Agricultural Research Centre

  • Estonian Crop Research Institute

    The Institute is engaged in applied and fundamental research, makes agri-meteorological monitoring and forecasts, ensures the preservation breeding and preservation and research of genetic resources of the varieties, breeds new varieties and acts as a seed centre, offers research support to the advisory system, for legislative process and state supervision.

    Website of the Estonian Crop Research Institute


State-owned public limited companies and foundations


Last updated: 18 May 2022